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Scantily Glad

Often pessimistic. Rarely optimistic. Always vocal.


I don't have much to say yet today. I was too lazy to make coffee, so I had tea instead. A nice change, yes, but it's not even remotely as useful to my brain as coffee. I am mentally understimulated this morning. And therefore not very chatty.

I was able to figure out how to use my camera, though, so I uploaded a picture of the raglan sweater progress. I think it looks hilarious with the sleeve stitches being held with yarn, 'cause it looks like I made little puffy cap sleeves. Not quite my style.

That's all I've got for now. Sorry.

Headbanger's Ball

As I mentioned earlier I'm a Lukas Rossi addict... and therefore am also a big follower of Rock Star: Supernova. Oh the drama that's been taking place, I tell ya. But last night I was kinda appalled at the odd forced displays of hopeful rockitude.

Lukas kicked off the show with his usual loveliness. Complete with odd movements, intense eyebrow action, and his unique vocal talents. He was great. Sure, he messed up the lyrics a little, but big deal. A couple others were great. Magni, as usual was marvelous, but also as usual; forgettable. Storm pulled off Evanessence quite well. Toby was just hard to handle as per usual. (Sorry Toby fans) Ryan completely terrified me with his over the top piano moves. I think the guy has talent oozing out of places I don't want to even think about, yet as soon as he tries to look like a "rocker" he looks ridiculous. Completely. Taking the award (in my opinion) for most forced performance, though, would have to be Dilana. It was like reliving all the videos that were aired while I was in junior high. The high David Lee Roth-esque leg kicks. The whiplash inducing flailing Twisted Sister hair moves. Absolutely. Sucked. Sure, she can sing, but she just comes off as plastic.

I vote that Ryan should go home tonight. Talented? Hell yeah. Right for Supernova? Not so much. My husband says that Storm will be given the boot. He's probably right; as much as I can see her fronting Supernova, she has not been referred to as "The Dark Horse"... and that may mean a lot.

On other fronts, I started a sweater yesterday afternoon based on this. Since I am admittedly numerically dyslexic, and definitely mathematically challenged, I may have calculated the pattern for a custom-fit sweater for someone other than me. I wouldn't be surprised.

Here's my progress so far:

Almost done the "yoke". Yay!

Stripes and a gripe

Here's my newest completed project. A pair of a-little-too-bright socks.

I would have preferred a charcoal grey as a contrast to the red, but with the limited choices in stores around here for sock yarn, I'm lucky to have found anything. (I'm so jealous of those-who-have-credit-cards. Internet yarn shopping would be soooo nice.)

They haven't yet been washed since being completed, and they're more than a little stretched out by my pregnant water retaining ankles. I couldn't resit wearing them once they were done. But a sock is a sock.

I also recently completed the Daisy pattern from Knitty. I have yet to add buttons, but I'll get a picture up shortly.

On a sidenote, why on earth do fingernails grow so quickly during pregnancy? I can't stand it. I like my nails very short. Not only do I think it looks better, but you just can't play guitar with long nails. I practically need to carry a nail file with me at all times. Maddening.

TBS very bleepy

I was finishing up a pair of socks that I started, oh... let's say around last thanksgiving. And being in Canada, means that was in October, and not November. Pathetic, I know. (Not the Canadian thing, but that the socks were started that much earlier)

Anyhow, I was watching something or other on TBS and my daughter (who's 7) says to me "Why does TBS always bleep out the "hole" part of "asshole" but they leave the "ass" part in?"

I of course told her that it's because hole is a terrible word and should never be used under this roof, or directed towards another person, ever again.

We are queens of sarcasm in this house (much to my husband's dismay), so she knew I was being a smart ass. But, seeing as we are such smartasses, she now likes to call me a hole. Very funny. (Hey look, TBS is very funny! Indirectly, but whatever.)

It did lead me to wonder, though, why certain things are bleeped. Also, why the censorship is so much different here as opposed to the States, and even within the same country, but between different networks. TBS has to be the worst for filtering out anything that may remotely be construed as off-colour.

For example, the Chappelle Show is not at all censored, here on the Comedy Network. Yet I know from watching bits online that it's censored on Comedy Central. Why? And is the show even still funny with all the bleeping? It's got to account for a good 60% of the show.

Perhaps the most odd thing is that TBS, leader of all bleep-users, actually aired Goodfellas a couple weeks back. Hilarious. The over-dubbing had me in stitches. Odd, 'cause it seems to me that it's not exactly a movie one would normaly laugh at while watching, no?

My thoughts are that the disclaimer before the show indicating that there's swearing and therefore viewer discretion is advised is in lieu of the bleep-age. I'm just sayin'.

It's not my tree

socks We all have our quirks. Which is great, 'cause without them, where would we be? Well... still in the same place, but with less for others to bug us about, I guess.

I figured I'd make my first real post be a little bit of an exposé, if you will. (I assure you, the posts will actually improve. Just let me find my groove, here)

I find that the older I get, the more set in my ways I get... which I suppose is true for everyone. But it's dawned on me that the whole set-in-my-ways thing is precisely what made us think as kids that our parents were completely out of their trees. It's a truly frightening discovery.

But, at the same time, a fun one. I have a daughter, and now it's my turn to appear crazy. Oh the fun to be had...

Now let's see... I picked up knitting a year or so ago after having given it up as a child. My absolute favourite thing to make is socks. I love how you can make them exactly as you want them. I'm one of those people that never really care for "plain", so white tube socks are out, but at the same time I absolutely refuse to be "fashionable". Which had left me in limbo. But not anymore. I can make the most hideous socks my little mind will come up with. Hooray!

Where's the crazy? Well, I now will not - will not - wear any sock that isn't hand-knit. Which frequently results in my socks not matching my clothes whatsoever. My daughter is a bit of a fashion plate (how the hell did that happen?!), and gives me that "you're so embarrassing" look. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite: Yessssssss!


On other wacky fronts, I am obsessed with Rock Star: Supernova. It's now become a full-blown illness. I have Lukas Rossi fever. It's probably competely unnatural for a person of nearly 30 to get so into the show and all of the drama connected to it, but here I am. I attribute it to having never watched Beverly Hills 90210. I think I missed that teenage tv-related gossip stage of my childhood. However, I take comfort in the fact that my husband is quite into it, as is my mom, who understandably, is even older than I am.

Lonely Ones

Up until today I was one of the blogless. For shame! Sitting here in my pathetic, lonely, blogless existence. It's ok, you can laugh and point.

I always have a lot to say, and frankly my husband has had his fill of listening to me incessantly blabbering on about what's bugging me at any given moment, so here I am to regail you with oodles of tales and whimsies.

I'm not entirely sure what I really plan to do with this blog. I figure since I'm a pretty unpredicatble and eclectic person, this blog will reflect that. I have a bunch of hobbies, interests, a husband, a daughter and a bevy of caustic sarcasm, so I figure that should be enough blog fodder for a good long while.

Now if You'll excuse me I'm going to tidy this place up a bit and then we'll chat.