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Scantily Glad

Often pessimistic. Rarely optimistic. Always vocal.

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Headbanger's Ball

As I mentioned earlier I'm a Lukas Rossi addict... and therefore am also a big follower of Rock Star: Supernova. Oh the drama that's been taking place, I tell ya. But last night I was kinda appalled at the odd forced displays of hopeful rockitude.

Lukas kicked off the show with his usual loveliness. Complete with odd movements, intense eyebrow action, and his unique vocal talents. He was great. Sure, he messed up the lyrics a little, but big deal. A couple others were great. Magni, as usual was marvelous, but also as usual; forgettable. Storm pulled off Evanessence quite well. Toby was just hard to handle as per usual. (Sorry Toby fans) Ryan completely terrified me with his over the top piano moves. I think the guy has talent oozing out of places I don't want to even think about, yet as soon as he tries to look like a "rocker" he looks ridiculous. Completely. Taking the award (in my opinion) for most forced performance, though, would have to be Dilana. It was like reliving all the videos that were aired while I was in junior high. The high David Lee Roth-esque leg kicks. The whiplash inducing flailing Twisted Sister hair moves. Absolutely. Sucked. Sure, she can sing, but she just comes off as plastic.

I vote that Ryan should go home tonight. Talented? Hell yeah. Right for Supernova? Not so much. My husband says that Storm will be given the boot. He's probably right; as much as I can see her fronting Supernova, she has not been referred to as "The Dark Horse"... and that may mean a lot.

On other fronts, I started a sweater yesterday afternoon based on this. Since I am admittedly numerically dyslexic, and definitely mathematically challenged, I may have calculated the pattern for a custom-fit sweater for someone other than me. I wouldn't be surprised.

Here's my progress so far:

Almost done the "yoke". Yay!

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