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Scantily Glad

Often pessimistic. Rarely optimistic. Always vocal.

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It's not my tree

socks We all have our quirks. Which is great, 'cause without them, where would we be? Well... still in the same place, but with less for others to bug us about, I guess.

I figured I'd make my first real post be a little bit of an exposé, if you will. (I assure you, the posts will actually improve. Just let me find my groove, here)

I find that the older I get, the more set in my ways I get... which I suppose is true for everyone. But it's dawned on me that the whole set-in-my-ways thing is precisely what made us think as kids that our parents were completely out of their trees. It's a truly frightening discovery.

But, at the same time, a fun one. I have a daughter, and now it's my turn to appear crazy. Oh the fun to be had...

Now let's see... I picked up knitting a year or so ago after having given it up as a child. My absolute favourite thing to make is socks. I love how you can make them exactly as you want them. I'm one of those people that never really care for "plain", so white tube socks are out, but at the same time I absolutely refuse to be "fashionable". Which had left me in limbo. But not anymore. I can make the most hideous socks my little mind will come up with. Hooray!

Where's the crazy? Well, I now will not - will not - wear any sock that isn't hand-knit. Which frequently results in my socks not matching my clothes whatsoever. My daughter is a bit of a fashion plate (how the hell did that happen?!), and gives me that "you're so embarrassing" look. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite: Yessssssss!


On other wacky fronts, I am obsessed with Rock Star: Supernova. It's now become a full-blown illness. I have Lukas Rossi fever. It's probably competely unnatural for a person of nearly 30 to get so into the show and all of the drama connected to it, but here I am. I attribute it to having never watched Beverly Hills 90210. I think I missed that teenage tv-related gossip stage of my childhood. However, I take comfort in the fact that my husband is quite into it, as is my mom, who understandably, is even older than I am.

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