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TBS very bleepy

I was finishing up a pair of socks that I started, oh... let's say around last thanksgiving. And being in Canada, means that was in October, and not November. Pathetic, I know. (Not the Canadian thing, but that the socks were started that much earlier)

Anyhow, I was watching something or other on TBS and my daughter (who's 7) says to me "Why does TBS always bleep out the "hole" part of "asshole" but they leave the "ass" part in?"

I of course told her that it's because hole is a terrible word and should never be used under this roof, or directed towards another person, ever again.

We are queens of sarcasm in this house (much to my husband's dismay), so she knew I was being a smart ass. But, seeing as we are such smartasses, she now likes to call me a hole. Very funny. (Hey look, TBS is very funny! Indirectly, but whatever.)

It did lead me to wonder, though, why certain things are bleeped. Also, why the censorship is so much different here as opposed to the States, and even within the same country, but between different networks. TBS has to be the worst for filtering out anything that may remotely be construed as off-colour.

For example, the Chappelle Show is not at all censored, here on the Comedy Network. Yet I know from watching bits online that it's censored on Comedy Central. Why? And is the show even still funny with all the bleeping? It's got to account for a good 60% of the show.

Perhaps the most odd thing is that TBS, leader of all bleep-users, actually aired Goodfellas a couple weeks back. Hilarious. The over-dubbing had me in stitches. Odd, 'cause it seems to me that it's not exactly a movie one would normaly laugh at while watching, no?

My thoughts are that the disclaimer before the show indicating that there's swearing and therefore viewer discretion is advised is in lieu of the bleep-age. I'm just sayin'.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | August 29, 2006 1:32 p.m. |  

    I agree with your assessment.
    Thanks for adding me to your blogrolls, and you have a very nice looking blog here. I will add you to my rolls also.

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